Our Purpose


Aquila is an expanding underwriting agency established in a form that allows a number of separate MGAs to operate from a common platform without imposing any geographical limitations.

We aim to attract market leading underwriters who have the ability to set up and run their own businesses within the governance of the Aquila structure. We provide a supportive and challenging environment which is focused on providing clients with excellent technical underwriting and claims management, first class service and access to leading underwriting capacity to support their risk environment

We boast a strong culture of financial control, governance, compliance and risk management coupled with a fundamental investment in the best quality people to support our ambition.


  • 2007 – Aquila Underwriting established
  • 2007 – Vectura Underwriting established, based in London
  • 2008 – SART Underwriting established, based in Hong Kong
  • 2009 – Principia Underwriting established, based in London
  • 2011 – Cove Program Managers established, based in London
  • 2013 – Trinity Underwriting established, based in Toronto
  • 2015 – MUSE Underwriting established, based in London
  • 2016 – Aquila announced the sale of its shares in Trinity Underwriting
  • 2016 – Aquila announced the sale of its interest in Cove Program Managers
  • 2016 – WeSpecialty established, based in France
  • 2017 – Aquila sells its interest in Vectura Underwriting
  • 2017 – Beluga Insurance Solutions established, based in Brussels